Kalyani Singh

Co-Founder and Associate Professor

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Lord Buddha Koshi Medical College and Hospital




Kalyani Singh is a Co-Founder and Associate Prof. (Dept. of Obs. & Gyne.) of Lord Buddha Koshi Medical College & Hospital, Saharsa, Bihar. The first and only Medical College and Hospital in Saharsa, Bihar with 350 teaching beds, and 100 yearly MBBS admissions. Established in 2012 and permitted by the Medical Council of India, New Delhi.

Founder and President of Saharsa Obstetric & Gynecological Society.

and Senior Resident Surgeon at P.K. Hospital, Saharsa. Established in 1995, it is the oldest and most reputed private clinic of Saharsa district. All types of general Obs. & Gyne. cases except for the very specialized type of treatment like IVF or cancer therapy are done here.